We carry an extensive line of Decoy accessories.  Everything you need.  Decoy line, weights, gloves, game straps, marsh seats, replacement stands and stakes, etc.  Check it out!

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Power Lanyard (AV99969) by Avery Outdoors GHG

Comes in KW1 Color Scheme
ˆ20.39 (EUR)
ˆ18.29 (EUR)

Round Braid DIY Lanyard (AV99951) by Avery Outdoors

Olive drab/Chocolate color
ˆ10.19 (EUR)
ˆ9.51 (EUR)

TopFlight Dead Head Skull Lanyards by Zink Calls Avian X

**SALE** Normally $25, On Sale $18.99! Features a cast Mallard or Goose Skull! Designed for 4 calls.

Killer Ghillie Hooded Jacket by Avery Outdoors GHG

Available in All terrain, Open Country, EXTRA Long - All Terrain Green, and snow camo

Plastic Field Corn Decoys 12pk (AV71512) by Greenhead Gear GHG Avery Outdoors

Includes 12 plastic ears of decoy corn
ˆ8.13 (EUR)

**FREE SHIPPING** 6-Slot Floater Decoy Bag (DAK12250) by Dakota Decoys

**SALE** Normally $98ea. ON SALE NOW FOR $89.95 PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
ˆ61.17 (EUR)

6 Slot Honker Decoy Bag (DAK12040) By Dakota Decoys

Normally $98ea. ON SALE NOW FOR $74.95
ˆ50.97 (EUR)

**HOLIDAY SALE** 48" X-Stand by Avian X Decoys, Zinks Calls

**HOLIDAY SALE** Normally $160, ON SALE now for $139.95
ˆ95.17 (EUR)

24 Slot Teal Decoy Bag (DAK16100) By Dakota Decoys

Normally $80ea. ON SALE NOW FOR $69.95
ˆ47.57 (EUR)