We carry an extensive line of Decoy accessories.  Everything you need.  Decoy line, weights, gloves, game straps, marsh seats, replacement stands and stakes, etc.  Check it out!

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Ghillie Blanket in Corn/Wheat Camo (SS9032) by Sillosock Decoys

Ghillie Blanket with mesh Window
£36.57 (GBP)

Goose Tree System ***FREE SHIPPING***by Smart Stick

**FREE SHIPPING** Automatically flags incoming geese without revealing the hunter’s location . . . flags continuously, particularly when hunters aren’t flagging.
From £207.37 (GBP)

Hyfax Runner Kit for Decoy Sleds (BT200047) by Beavertail

Hyfax Kit 55"
£48.77 (GBP)

Pink Snow Goose Feet - Magnum sized

Add to your old Sillosock flyers or your Sillosock decoys.
£0.61 (GBP)

Feather Flyer Coupler

From £3.04 (GBP)

FFD Head Protectors 12 pack (AV71511) by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

These head protectors work great to keep your Flocked heads in new condition while in transport or storage.
£12.20 (GBP)
£9.09 (GBP)

Killer Ghillie Pants (AV47455) by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

Choose All Terrain Camo, Open Country, or Snow
From £46.94 (GBP)

SS1111B Flag Bracket for Sillosocks Flyers

This device keeps the Sillosocks Flyer level no matter what the angle of your pole.
£3.02 (GBP)

Flocked Replacement Feeder Canada Heads 2003 Model (AV71246) for 2003 Greenhead Gear GHG Fullbody Decoys

Includes 6 replacement FEEDER heads FOR THE 2003 MODEL ONLY
£15.25 (GBP)
£13.39 (GBP)

Flocked Replacement Active Canada Heads (AV71247) for 2003 Greenhead Gear GHG Fullbody Decoys

Includes 6 Replacement Active head FOR THE 2003 MODEL ONLY
£13.39 (GBP)

Specklebelly Sleeper Head Attachments (AV71272) by Greenhead Gear GHG Avery Outdoors

Specklebelly Sleeper head attachments for Oversize Rester Snow Floaters
£15.25 (GBP)
£7.31 (GBP)

Flocked Replacement OS Sleeper Canada Heads (AV71256) for Greenhead Gear GHG Decoys

Includes 4 Flocked sleeper heads
£12.20 (GBP)
£7.92 (GBP)

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