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Insulated Soft-Sided Gear Bag by Sillosock Decoys

Prairiehide Camo Gear Bag
ˆ23.80 (EUR)
ˆ20.37 (EUR)

Back Pack Layout Ghillie Blind by Sillosocks Decoys

**SALE** Normally $150, ON Sale now for $124.95!!
ˆ84.97 (EUR)

Air Cushioned Layout Blind (SS1630) by Sillosocks Decoys

Very comfortable Door type Layout Blind covered with Ghillie materials and Stubble straps!
ˆ101.99 (EUR)

Ghillie Blanket in Corn/Wheat Camo (SS9032) by Sillosock Decoys

Ghillie Blanket with mesh Window
ˆ40.77 (EUR)

Ghillie Strips by Sillosock Decoys

3-D Layout Blind Concealment! Choose Corn or White
From ˆ20.39 (EUR)

Windsock to Sillosocks Conversion Kits

Convert you older windsocks into Sillosocks!
From ˆ1.33 (EUR)

Replacement Rotary Machine Motors by Sillosock Decoys

This new motor has proved very reliable. Carry an extra with you!
From ˆ47.57 (EUR)

**WATER DAMAGE SALE** KnockDown Headless Blue Goose Decoys by Sillosocks Decoys

**WATER DAMAGE SALE** Normally $80/dz, SPECIAL 12dz CASE PRICING $49.95/dz!! Limited Quantities!!
From ˆ37.37 (EUR)

2 or 4 Arm Rotary Head by Sillosock Decoys

Replacement 2 Arm or 4 Arm Rotary head.
From ˆ20.37 (EUR)

Deluxe Padded Rotary Machine Carry Bag by Sillosock Decoys

Keeps Rotary Machines parts organized and collected
ˆ20.39 (EUR)

Knockdown Blue 3D Head Conversion Kit (SS1722) by Sillosocks Decoys

**SALE** Normally $60/dz, ON SALE NOW for $49.95/dz
ˆ33.97 (EUR)

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