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We carry White Hoodies, Prairiehide Hoodies, Tee shirts, Fleece Beanies, White Hats, Prairiehide Hats, and Prairiehide Fleece Facemasks!

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**SALE** Prairiehide Camo Hooded Sweatshirt by Sillosock Decoys

***FALL SALE** Normally $40ea , Now from $19.95ea!!!! (M-3XL)
From €15.76 (EUR)

SilloSocks Hooded Sweatshirts

**SPRING SALE** Normally $50, ON Sale from $24.95!! Choose White, Black, or Olive Green
From €19.71 (EUR)

Fleece Facemask in PrairieHide (SS1253) by Sillosock Decoys

This Fleece Facemask is soft and warm and offers excellent concealment!
€9.44 (EUR)

Fleece Skull Cap/Beanie in PrairieHide (SS1252) by Sillosock Decoys

This Fleece Skull Cap is soft and warm!
€7.89 (EUR)

SilloSock Hats in White or PrairieHide Camo by Sillosock Decoys

Choose White OR Prairiehide Camo.
From €7.86 (EUR)

Sillosocks Tee Shirt

Choose Short sleeve or Long sleeve. small-3XL
From €7.89 (EUR)
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