Leave the nosepiece on and put the bracket in corrugated holes.  Change holes until you find the balance point.  Mark holes with permanent marker to make reassembly easier.

How to assemble the flyers!

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Snow Goose Flapping Flyer SS1111 by Sillosocks Decoys

Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, these flyers will do more for you than any other decoy out there!
From $24.95 (USD)

Blue Goose Flapping Flyers SS1296 by Sillosocks Decoys

Quiet, Rugged, and do not Shine!
From $29.79 (USD)

1/4" Fiberglass Ground Rod for Sillosocks Flyers

Fiberglass Rod for flyers and Flags
From $0.50 (USD)

12' Telescopic Flagging pole with Flag Bracket by Sillosocks Decoys

Flag with Sillosocks Flyers, Just Wings, or Bartz Flags.
From $19.95 (USD)

Crow Flapping Flyer Decoys by Sillosock Decoys

Flying Crow Decoy that works!
$29.99 (USD)

Double Down Stake System for Sillosocks Flyers

New Style for this year!
$44.95 (USD)

FlockSox Fully Flocked Canada Goose Flapper

Get some attention!
$27.99 (USD)

Just Wings with 12' Telescopic Pole by Sillosocks Decoys

We have seen awesome results decoying ducks with Just Wings!
From $19.95 (USD)

Pigeon Flapping Flyer Hypa-Flap by Sillosocks Decoys

Pigeon flying flapping decoys for use on poles, rotary machines, and Bouncers.
$29.99 (USD)

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