Here are some cool hunting accessories that are any waterfowler can use. Hoodies, gloves, shell belts, Blind material, Gun cases, blinds, bags, slings,lanyards, fleece headwear, bird hitches, dog blinds, etc!

Great gift ideas!

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Fleece Skull Caps by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

Choose KW1 Camo or White

Fleece Yukon Hood (AV00969) by Avery Outdoors

KW1 Camo
ˆ13.59 (EUR)
ˆ12.85 (EUR)

Floating Blind Bag by Avery Outdoors GHG

Comes in Max 5, Blades Camo, KW1, BuckBrush, and Marsh Grass camo patterns!!!!!

Large Wildfowler Duffle Bag (WFO520WG) in Wildgrass by Wildfowler Outfitter

**SALE** Normally $56ea, NOW $39.95
ˆ27.17 (EUR)

Ruff Stand (AV90017) By Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

**SALE** Normally $180ea, On Sale $148.99
ˆ101.31 (EUR)