Here are some cool hunting accessories that are any waterfowler can use. Hoodies, gloves, shell belts, Blind material, Gun cases, blinds, bags, slings,lanyards, fleece headwear, bird hitches, dog blinds, etc!

Great gift ideas!

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Boot Hanger by Banded Gear

Choose the Double Boot Hanger or the Single Boot Hanger.

**SALE** Decoy Back Pack by Avery Outdoors Banded Gear

**SALE** Normally $120ea, On sale now for $109.95ea

4-n-1 Duck Call Whistle by Banded Outdoors

Makes a great Mallard Drake, Pintail, Wigeon, and Teal sounds.
$14.95 (USD)

**FREE SHIPPING** HI-TOP Blind Chair by Banded Gear

**SALE** Normally $90, On Sale Now for $78.95!! PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

**FREE SHIPPING** Tripod Blind Stool by Banded Gear

**SALE** Normally $95ea, On Sale Now for $76.95!!
$76.95 (USD)

**SALE** Heritage Game Strap by Avery Outdoors

**SALE** Normally $49, Now $36.95
$36.95 (USD)

Goose Tote Strap by Banded Gear

900D Heavy duty goose strap!
$14.95 (USD)

Gun Stick by Banded Gear

**SALE** Normally $50, On Sale now for $39.95
$39.95 (USD)

Natural Grass Mats WFO390 by Wildfowler Outfitter

**SALE** Normally $70/bundle, NOW $56.95/bundle

Swivel Blind Chair (Tall) Max 5 Camo by Banded Gear B08708

**SALE** Normally $70, On Sale Now for $59.95!! PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
$59.95 (USD)

Grass Clumps (WFO395) by Wildfowler Outfitter

10 Grass clumps per bag!
$6.95 (USD)