Sillosock KnockDown Decoys

 These Sillosock KnockDown decoys are the most realistic and compact windsock decoys ever designed. The prints on the Snows, Juvy Snows, Blues, and Canadas do not shine and are as real as it gets.

 The NEW Knockdown Windsocks feature a new lightweight folding backbone system that is superior to anything on the market. This patented "no-wind" support makes these decoys look like fullbodies in zero wind.  In high winds, the backbone stabilizes the erratic movement that you get with other windsocks.  The folding support fully collapses which allows you to carry more decoys in less space. These decoys feature a one piece collapsible design that offers the fastest setup and tear down times on the market.  Leave the big gas guzzling decoy trailers at home.

 These Magnum sized windsocks measure 20" long and 13" wide.  These decoys come grommeted with plastic collars and tall 24" fiberglass stakes for durability. The stakes are "dead grass" colored which makes them dissappear in the field! In frozen ground, you can tap these stake into the ground with a rubber mallet. Eliminates heavy bent steel stakes and rust!

 Each decoy comes with 2 drain holes if you ever get caught out in the rain. These decoys puff up in a 1 mph wind. They store flat which makes them very compact.  Deployment and pickup time is amazingly fast!

The super realistic 3-D Sentry Head Kits can be added to any headless decoys at any time with a unique coupling system.  The head is designed to pivot with the body if the wind changes.

These Knockdown Windsock Decoys by Sillosock Decoys come fully assembled .....ready to hunt!

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KnockDown Snow 3D Head Conversion Kit (SS1715) by Sillosocks Decoys

**SALE** Normally $60/dz Kit, ON SALE NOW for $45.95/dz Kit
$45.95 (USD)

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