The bar has just been raised!   These new FlockSox Decoys are a hybrid decoy.   Half Full Body/Half Windsock!   

They come with Flocked Full Body heads and Full Body chests that do not shine! The new velvety windsock body has ultra realistic printing and has the look of a Fully Flocked decoy, yet is super tough! These bodies do not whip in high winds like all other windsocks do. The snap-on Body is washable which allows you to keep them clean year after year!

They feature a folding backbone for compactness.  Half the space of fullbodies.......and half the price!

In stock now in Snows, Blues, Mallards, and Canadas.

Specks coming soon.

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FLOCKSOX Snow Goose Flapping Flyer (1111FF) by Sillosock Decoys **FREE SHIPPING**

New Material! These NEW Fully Flocked Snow Goose Flappers will not shine!
From $24.95 (USD)

FlockSox Fully Flocked Canada Goose Flapper (SS1555) by Sillosock Decoys

This Black and White Flyer can be seen from long distances.
$27.99 (USD)

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