Sillosocks Snow Goose Flapping Flyers
These Sillosock Flyers make your spread come alive!  We have motorized "Wingbeat" Flyers and the wind-driven flapping flyers.  They can be used on a 1/4" rods, a rotary machine, a Son of Stalker Machine, a Hammer Machine, or on a Sidewinder machine.   Use them like a flag on our 12' Telescopic pole.

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**FREE SHIPPING** WingBeat Snow Goose Power Flappers (SS1753) by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** Normally $90ea, Now $69.95ea OR BUY THE 5pk FOR $324.95!! (=$50ea)
From £42.67 (GBP)

**FREE SHIPPING** Snow Goose Flapping Flyers by Sillosock Decoys

**SPRING SALE** Normally $150/6pk, NOW $99.99/6pk!! Save $50 and get FREE SHIPPING!!!!
From £21.32 (GBP)

**SALE** Sillosocks Blue Goose Flapping Flyer Decoy by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** Buy the 5 pack or the Combo 12 pack and Save!!!
From £13.39 (GBP)

FLOCKSOX Snow Goose Flapping Flyer (1111FF) by Sillosock Decoys **FREE SHIPPING**

New Material! These NEW Fully Flocked Snow Goose Flappers will not shine!
From £15.22 (GBP)

**FREE SHIPPING** 2 Arm Tornado Rotary Machine (SS1258) by Sillosocks Decoys

**SALE - Normally $230, ON SALE $184.95 PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
£112.82 (GBP)

**FREE SHIPPING** 4 Arm Tornado Rotary Machine (SS1593)

**SALE** Normally $260, NOW $214.95 PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
£131.12 (GBP)

**FREE SHIPPING** Son of Stalker by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** WAS $140, NOW $119.95 PLUS FREE SHIPPING! This unit moves SS Flyers horizontally from side to side.
£73.17 (GBP)

***SALE***Hammer Machine (SS4502) by Sillosocks Decoys

This machine will move Sillosocks Flyers from the ground up to 13' tall.
£76.22 (GBP)

**SALE**Hammer Machine with Pole (SS4502PL) by Sillosocks Decoys

**SALE** BEST PRICES OF THE YEAR! This machine will move Sillosocks Flyers from the ground up to 13' tall.
£91.47 (GBP)


Moves 2 Flyers horizontally.
£79.27 (GBP)

12' Telescopic Flagging Pole with Flag Bracket by Sillosocks Decoys

Flag with Sillosocks Flyers, Just Wings, or Bartz Flags.
From £3.02 (GBP)

SS1111B Flag Bracket for Sillosocks Flyers

This device keeps the Sillosocks Flyer level no matter what the angle of your pole.
£3.02 (GBP)

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