Blue Goose Decoys by Sillosocks

Do you have "THE BLUES"?   We carry Feeder Blues, Juvy Blues, 3-D Sentry Blues, Knockdown Blues, Headless Blues, Oversize Headless Blues, and Blue Flyers!

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*SALE* Blue Goose Feeder Decoys by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** - Normally $65/dz NOW $52/dz!
$52.00 (USD)

*SALE* Juvy Blue Feeder Goose Decoys by Sillosock Decoys

$45.95 (USD)

*SALE* 3-D Sentry Blue Goose Decoys by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** Normally $80/dz, ON SALE NOW for $69.95/dz!
$79.00 (USD)

KnockDown Snow 3D Head Conversion Kit (SS1715) by Sillosocks Decoys

**SALE** Normally $60/dz Kit, ON SALE NOW for $45.95/dz Kit
$45.95 (USD)

*SALE* Blue Goose Harvester 12pk by Sillosock Decoys

***SALE*** The NEW Blue Harvester 12 Pack consists of 8 Feeders and 4 Sentry(3-D)
$64.95 (USD)

Headless Blue Windsock Decoys (SS1036HL) by Sillosocks Decoys

Economical, Lightweight, Effective, and Compact
From $49.95 (USD)

**SALE** Sillosocks Blue Goose Flapping Flyer Decoy by Sillosock Decoys

These will begin shipping March 2nd on a first come first serve basis. Limited quantities!
$17.45 (USD)

**SALE** 2-D Sentry Snow Goose Windsock Decoys by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** Normally $62/dz, NOW $54.95
From $44.95 (USD)

**SALE** Sillosock Silloguard Combo Deal with (10dz Printed Snow Sillosocks)

*SALE** Normally $730, On SALE NOW for $629.95!! Choose the "Atlantic Flyway Mix", the "Central Flyway Mix", or the Econo package!
From $439.95 (USD)
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