Yard Ornaments, Garden Decor, and Pond Art

Add any of these goose or duck decoys to your yard.   These single decoys will be the envy of your neighborhood! We even have goslings, and a mother goose pack!

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Honker Feeder Canada Goose Decoys (BF112477) by Bigfoot Decoys

Normally $140/4pk, ON SALE NOW for $119.95/4pk!
From $44.99 (USD)

Bigfoot Canada Goose or SpeckleBelly Decoys for Yard Ornaments, Garden Decor Decoys, or Pond Art

Single Canada Goose or Specklebelly Goose by Bigfoot Decoys. Choose Sentry, Resting, or Feeder.
From $44.99 (USD)

Dakota Canada Goose Goslings - Yard Ornament Garden Decor

Choose Upright gosling or Feeder gosling.
$15.00 (USD)

Single Bigfoot Blue Goose Decoy - Lawn Ornament

Choose Upright or Feeder head positions.
From $34.99 (USD)

Single Bigfoot Snow Decoy - Yard Ornaments

Choose Sentry or Feeder head positions.
From $34.99 (USD)
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