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**HOLIDAY SALE** AXP Feeder Lesser Canada Goose Decoys w/6-slot bag (Z9007) by Avian X Decoys Zink Calls

**HOLIDAY SALE** NORMALLY $190, Now $164.95
Manufacturer: Avian-X Decoys



LESSER Canada Goose Decoys

6 Pack


(Model Z9007)

                 By AVIAN-X DECOYS

These AXP (Painted) Feeder Lesser Canada Goose Decoys w/6-slot bag (Z9007) by Avian X Decoys - Zink Calls are deadly for the Little Canadas...Lessers, Hutches, and Cacklers.  These decoys are made from a soft flexible plastic that makes them nearly indestructable!  These decoys can handle the abuse that would shred any other decoy.

Decoys measure 22" from base of the neck to the tip of the tail,9" across the widest point on its back and 9" height from the bottom of its chest to the small of its back.

These decoys are 20% oversized, perfect for attracting large groups of Lessers in the huge open fields of the Prairies. They also work perfectly in the East for hunting James Bay Geese and other similar smaller sub-species of Canada geese.

These Avian-X Lessers are equally effective on Greater Canadas as well!  The advantages are that you can carry a lot more of these in your truck or trailer for a bigger spread.......and they are less expensive.  These Avian-X Lesser Canada goose decoys are a great addition to Honker Rigs for color, contrast, size difference, and postures.
Available in Flocked (AXF) and Painted (AXP) styles the Feeder Pack includes (2) Stretch Feeders (2) Picking Feeders, and (2) Real Feeder styles.

Included is a FREE six-slot bag with every 6 pack!

This  AXP Feeder Lesser Canada Goose Decoys 6 pk w/6-slot bag (Z9007) by Avian X Decoys -Zink Calls will help you harvest more geese.

Note: The AXP line has "painted" bodies and Flocked heads.

“Don’t hunt with any old decoy...hunt with the best!”

Fred Zink

Avian-X Decoys - Zink Calls

Picture of AXP PAINTED FEEDER 6 pk
**HOLIDAY SALE** NORMALLY $190, Now $164.95/6pk
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$164.90 (USD)
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