Polycarbonate Power Hen PH-1 Single Reed Mallard Duck Call by Zink Calls

Choose Gunsmoke,Cocobola, or the Custom Hunter. Optional DVD available
products.manufacturer: Zink Calls

Polycarbonate Power Hen PH-1

Single Reed Mallard Duck Call

with Optional DVD

by Zink Calls

The Polycarbonite Power Hen PH-1 is a value priced single reed duck call designed for the hunter. Another creation from ZINK CALLS that symbolizes what we are about "PURE REALISM". If you are looking for a ringer...look somewhere else, but if you are looking for a call that sounds like a duck with "POWER" up top and soft feed at the bottom look no further. Built for hard core duck hunters.

 This is a nice sounding call for the money.

Optional Instructional DVD is available.

Comes in Gunsmoke, Cocobola, or the Custom Hunter Wood/Polycarb. combo.

PolyCarb Gunsmoke PH-1 (Z832)
Value Priced Polycarbonite PH-1 Duck Call
$24.99 (USD)
PolyCarb Gunsmoke PH-1 with DVD (Z847)
Includes Instructional DVD
$29.99 (USD)
Cocobola Wood PH-1 Single Reed (Z843)
$76.00 (USD)
Custom Hunter PH-1 with Instructional DVD (Z833)
Hedge wood and Polycarbonite Single Reed Duck call
$57.00 (USD)