Polycarb Nightmare on Stage (NOS) Canada Goose Call by Zink Calls

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Polycarbonate Nightmare on Stage (NOS) Canada Goose Call

by Zink Calls

The value priced Polycarbonate Nightmare on Stage (NOS) Canada Goose/Honker Call by Zink Calls is engineered for high speed and maximum-volume goose talk. It is a short reed goose call.

The NOS is designed for the deeper pitch of a Canada goose. Developed from the original Custom Acrylic NOS, this molded polycarb call produces the high quality sound without the expenses. This is a perfect call for a novice caller because of its natural goosy tone. It has a natural deep sound and is easy blowing. It is also excellent for hunting honkers on water...... or on "no wind" days.

This call features Zink's competition-quality "worn-in" tone-channel system, and laser-engraved flame graphics on the streamlined barrel and insert.

This Polycarb Honker Call is available in 3 colors. 

The optional Instructional DVD was developed to help a caller reach the next level. The DVD breaks down the basics of calling techniques and proper maintenance to keep your call in good, working order.

This Polycarbonate Nightmare on Stage (NOS) Canada Goose Call by Zink Calls is a great value for the money!

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