**SALE** Pro-Grade Honker Butt-Up Feeder Pair (AV71099) by Greenhead Gear GHG Avery Outdoors

**SALE** Normally $60/pair, NOW $44.95/pair....SAVE $15
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 Pro-Grade Honker Butt-Up Feeder Pair


by Greenhead Gear (GHG

GHG Pro-Grade Honker Butt-Up Feeders Goose Decoys are the newest addition to GHG Honker decoy line. Sold in pairs, this feeding decoy adds realism to your Honker water decoy spread by mimicking a tipped up feeding Canada geese.

GHG Pro-Grade Honker Butt-Up Feeder Goose Decoy Features

  • Sold in pairs
  • Realistic paint scheme
  • Add realism to your spread
  • Mimics tipped up feeding geese
  • Floating decoy

Easily converted into Snow Goose Feeder Floaters with Rustoleum or Krylon Flat White Spray Paint!

We recommend Avery 6-slot or 12 slot "Mid Size" Bags to keep these decoys looking new!

Honker Butt Up Floaters - Pair
**SALE** Normally $60/pair, NOW $44.95/pair....SAVE $15
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