**SALE** Wing Beat Mallard Power Flapper by Sillosock Decoys

**NEW** Normally $70ea, ON SALE NOW for $54.95!! Choose Drake or Hen BEST PRICES OF THE YEAR!
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WingBeat MALLARD Power Flappers

Choose Drake (SS1777) or (Hen SS1784)

by Sillosock Decoys

These NEW Wing Beat Mallard Power Flappers by Sillosock Decoys are game changers!  Imagine flapping wings scattered all over your rig on no wind/light wind days.   Then imagine them going on and off intermittently! Mallards have never seen this before!

The WingBeat Power Flappers come with a 3 stage switch: on, off or intermittent. Wingbeats are a great way to add realistic movement to any decoy spread.

Lightweight, portable, and cost effective. They come with a 15 foot wire to connect to any 12 volt battery. In the "on" position the decoy will flap continuously. In the intermittent mode, the decoy will flap for 5 seconds then off for 20 seconds...... until it is turned off or the mode is changed to full flapping mode.

Wingbeat MALLARD Power Flappers are available in Drake Mallard or Hen Mallard. Sold per each.

The new Sillosock Power Flapper Mallards in action!

Posted by Jim Jones on Monday, December 28, 2015

The New Sillosock Mallard Power Flappers! They have an intermittent Flap (5 seconds on,15 seconds off) or continuous Flap mode. Reasonably priced at $65. They also come in snows, canadas, and Pigeons. or

Posted by Jim Jones on Tuesday, December 15, 2015
**SALE** Flocked Drake Mallard Wingbeat Power Flapper - SS1777
**SALE** Normally $70ea, ON SALE NOW for $54.95ea... BEST PRICES OF THE YEAR!
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ˆ37.37 (EUR)
**SALE** Flocked Hen Mallard Power Flapper - SS1784
**SALE** Normally $70ea, ON SALE NOW for $59.95ea....BEST PRICES OF THE YEAR!
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ˆ37.37 (EUR)