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Sillosocks Cube Bag by Sillosock Decoys

Keep Your decoys clean and protected! Please note the fabric is now tan cordura.
Manufacturer: SilloSock Decoys




by Sillosock Decoys

Holds 200+ Decoys!!!

This Cube bag by Sillosock Decoys keeps your decoys safe, clean, and protected.

This tough cordura bag comes in TAN cordura.

New for this year.......made out of a heavier PVC

backed material.......and slightly bigger than last

years model to accomidate 24" stakes.


These Cube bags by Sillosock Decoys has a zippered top with 3 big handles for ease of moving!

These Cube bags by Sillosock Decoys is one of the best ways to organize and handle your decoys.

We recommend you line the inside of you bag with 1/8"-1/4" paneling(or equivalant) to give it structure. Duct tape the corners together. A diagonal divider is handy if you are putting all feeders in the bag.

This bag holds up to 200 Sillosocks Decoys both feeders......or 150 Sillosocks with 3dz. 3-D Sentry

or will hold 4 dz Flyers(broken down)  or

will hold 6 dz. 3-D Sentry.

It comes with back pack straps for easy tranport to the field.

Collapsable for Storage.

Perfect for keeping your decoys out of the mud, clean, and organized. 

The Cube Bags are stackable. 

In muddy conditions, throw the cube bags on a plastic sled and pull into your field.

Thanks,  Jim





Picture of Cube Bag - SS1487
Cube Bag - SS1487
**SALE** NORMALLY $49ea, ON SALE NOW FOR $44.95 NOTE: The bags are now tan cordura....not camo.
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$44.95 (USD)
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