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Tall 36" Real Motion Stakes (RMS-36) for Greenhead Gear GHG Decoys Avery Outdoors

Use these tall 36" Replacement Real Motion Stakes to help hide your layout blinds!
Manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear

Tall 36" Replacement Real Motion

Stakes - 12 pack

By Greenhead Gear GHG Avery Outdoors


 These tall 36" Real Motion Field Stakes are the perfect answer to help hide your layout blinds where there is no cover! Having tall decoys around you casts shadows which really helps to break up layout blinds.

Completely compatible with any GHG Real Motion decoy.  Great idea for hunting Snows, Canadas, and field Mallards.

Also, use them in shallow water , utilizing your fullbodies as floaters!

If you want shorter stakes, cut them and resharpen.

These stakes are available Per. 12

Another Prairiewind Decoys brainchild product.