FLOCKSOX Snow Goose Flapping Flyer (1111FF) by Sillosock Decoys **FREE SHIPPING**

New Material! These NEW Fully Flocked Snow Goose Flappers will not shine!
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by Sillosocks Decoys

The NEW Flocked Flappers are now ready!  This new lightweight velvety like material will not shine when wet, frosty or dewey!


These Snow Goose Flapping Flyer Decoys by Sillosock Decoys represent a new dimension in decoying waterfowl. The unique wing flapping movement attacts attention that can be seen for miles. The geese can hardly resist coming over and taking a look.  The NEW FULLY FLOCKED Model (SS1111FF) adds a whole new dimension to the Flapping Decoy.

In high winds, put them low to the ground on 6" stakes.   In low-medium winds, we put them on 3-9 foot tall rods.

Also, great for use on a Rotary Machine, the Sidewinder machine, The Hammer Machine, or the Son of Stalker.  

Combine with a "Flagging Bracket" for use on our new 12' telescopic Flagging pole. This pole comes with a flagging bracket which allows the flyer to pivot(stay level) as you raise and lower the pole. 


 These Snow Goose Flapping Flyers come with a 3' Fiberglass ground rods.   The new nosepiece design comes with a thumbscrew.

For use on a rotary machine, I like to move the nosepiece to the chest.  This locks it down solid so it cannot pivot as it goes round and round.

The same design is utilized on the "SIDEWINDER" by Sillosocks.  This machine simulates geese that are "hopping" over each other while feeding.  We have had great success with 3-4 machines running at the upwind side of the spread.   The Sidewinder or Son of Stalkers work best when you have enough wind to make the flyers "flap".   Mix in a more flyers on grond rods around the machines for a great look.

Each Sillosock Snow Goose Flapping Flyer comes with a 3 foot two piece fiberglass rod. (addional fiberglass rods and couplers available.)

SS1111FF FULLY FLOCKED Snow Flapping Flyer
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