**SALE** Sillosock Blue Harvester 12pk 1 dz. (SS1036HP) (8 Feeders, 4 Sentry) by Sillosock Decoys

***SALE*** The NEW Blue Harvester 12 Pack consists of 8 Feeders and 4 Sentry(3-D)
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NEW Blue Harvester 12 Pack

(SS1036HP) - 1 dz.

By Sillosock Decoys

The NEW Blue Harvester 12 pack consists of 8 Blue feeders and four 3-D Sentry Blues.   It is a good mix in a smaller package.   Great variety pack for gifts, birthdays, etc. 

For larger quantities....go with the dozen packs or cases

of Feeders and 3-D Sentries.

Pack the Feeders in the bottom 3/4 of Cube bag and the 3-D Sentry in the top 1/4. Each bag will hold 200+ decoys. These bags stack extremely well.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions, concerns, bulk orders, shipping quotes, and Outfitter pricing.

Enjoy your hunts!   We appreciate your business.


Jim Jones

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SS1036HP Blue Harvester Pack 8 feeders 4 sentry
**SALE** Normally $72/dz, ON SALE now for $59.95/dz Includes 8 Feeders and 4 (3-D) Sentry
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$59.95 (USD)