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**SALE** Natural REAL GRASS MATS B8781 by Banded Gear

**SALE** Normally $60/4pk Bundle, ON SALE NOW for $38.95/4pk!!
Manufacturer: Banded Gear

***HUGE GRASS MAT SALE***         



By Banded 

These Natural Real Grass mats by Banded are great for covering large surfaces quickly.  Attach it to Blinds, pit lids, boats, deer stands, or anything that you want to cover up. These mats will hold up best when attached to something substantial such as plywood or pit blinds.

Stapling them up works best!


 4 Sheets per Bundle

  • Sheet Size: 4' x 4'


These Real Grass mats  "Natural" color  are made from slow-dried palm leaves that are extremely durable and weather resistant. 

These camo mats blend in very well with cut corn, rice, grain sorghum hay, barley, cattails, Phragmites, giant cutgrass, and a variety of other natural vegetation including sedges, millets, and many grasses.

These Real Grass Mats by Banded Gear are a great way to camo up just about anything. 

These mats are a great deal!!