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**OUT OF STOCK** Canada Goose Y-Board Silhouette Decoys by DNA Decoys

Each box includes 4 Y-Boards... 22 decoys total!!! Super fast to deploy and pick-up! Zero shine!
Manufacturer: DNA Decoys

Canada Goose Y-Board Silhouette Decoys

by DNA Decoys


**SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER**  Normally $195/box,

ON SALE NOW FOR $164.95/box

DNA Decoys were developed by professional waterfowl outfitter Claudio Ongaro and are the newest revolution in silhouette decoys. Printed on 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, polypropylene for strength and performance.  These lightweight decoys are durable and portable.

There are 22 life-like DNA Decoys in 19 different poses on four Y-Boards with ingenious Printegrated™ bases, allowing you to set your decoy spread quickly and efficiently without stakes. They have been tested to withstand 20 MPH winds. A matte coating has been applied to ensure there is no glare or shine. The decoys are printed using UV inhibitors to ensure protection from the elements and a longer life. DNA decoys come with "pipe" hang holes and a carry handle built into the base. These Canada Goose Y-Board Silhouette Decoys by DNA Decoys store easily when folded flat.

Each box contains:

  • 22 decoys
  • Four Y-Boards with 4, 5 or 6 decoys on each
  • 19 different poses (upright, feeder, active and resting)
  • the same hinge goose (one pose) is used on each of the Y-Boards
  • Feeder poses average 16” in height
  • Active poses average 20” in height

*Each box of DNA Decoys measures 43” x 21” x 2.75”
and weighs less than 10lbs.

These new DNA Decoys are some of most realistic decoys available!   They mix extremely well with Sillosock Decoys.  Super fast to deploy and pick-up!

Limited Supplies!

Patent Pending