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**FREE SHIPPING** TopFlight Redhead Floating Duck Decoy 6pk by Avian-X Decoys

Choose regular or foam filled. Includes FREE SHIPPING!
Manufacturer: Avian-X Decoys


NEW Avian-X

Top Flight Red Head Floating Duck Decoys

6 pack

Avian-X presents their newest series of true, custom-style painted Red Head decoys.  The carving, the paint, and the soft plastic makes these decoys superior to other brands.

Designed and carved by world-champion decoy carver Rick Johannsen, these rugged, wide, magnum decoys are made for the rough, open water where red heads rest and feed. Simply put, there is no equal to these decoys when it comes to realism, anatomy and design, and they will suck down and ride the waves just like real ducks. The head positions and body postures were selected to mimic the natural attitude these birds possess, and rubberized molding material was used to withstand the abuse of rough conditions. Sold in packs of six.

Sold in 6 Packs that include:

  • 2 High Head Drakes
  • 2 High Head Hens
  • 1 Sleeper Drake
  • 1 Sleeper Hen

The optional foam filled decoys have Core-Loc Technology.   This process fills each decoy with marine-grade foam to 100% capacity. That means there’s zero extra space for unwanted water. Fill ‘em with shot, and the decoys will keep floating with lifelike movement on a weight-forward swim keel. Stability on the interior plus authentic looks and custom feather detail on the exterior deliver the kind of results you’ve come to expect from Avian-X.

These Top Flight Red Head Floating Duck Decoys 6pk by Avian X Decoys Zink Calls will help you harvest more ducks!

“Don’t hunt with any old decoy...hunt with the best!”

Fred Zink, Zink Calls

Picture of Redhead 6pk - AVX8089
Redhead 6pk - AVX8089
**SALE** Normally $100/6pk, ON SALE NOW FOR $89.99/6pk PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
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$89.99 (USD)
Picture of Foam Filled - AVX8099
Foam Filled - AVX8099
Normally $130/6pk, Now $109.95 Includes FREE SHIPPING!
Availability: 5 in stock
$109.95 (USD)
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