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Honker Power Feeders by Pacific Wings

Limited Quantities! Rechargeable Battery lasts up to 100 hours!
Manufacturer: Pacific Wings

Honker Power Feeders


by Pacific Wings

These new Honker Power Feeders are game changers.  This new power base system will give you realistic movement on those dead calm days.

Guys are having tremendous success using these power feeder decoys this year. Add a few in the kill hole and the movement will help center birds up close.

The rechargeable batteries on this unit will last up to 100 hours.

Includes feeder decoy, power base, battery, and battery charger.


Avian-X AXF Flocked Feeder

Dakota Flocked Feeder

GHG FFD Flocked Feeder

Avian-X AXF Power Feeder
Availability: 8 in stock
£121.97 (GBP)
Picture of Dakota Fully Flocked Honker Power Feeder
Dakota Fully Flocked Honker Power Feeder
Comes with a FREE protective bag!
Availability: Out of stock
£121.97 (GBP)
GHG FFD Flocked Power Feeder
Availability: Out of stock
£121.97 (GBP)
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