Replacement Remote System for Clone Decoys

Replace your old remote system with the latest greatest!
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Replacement Remote System

for Clone Decoys

This is the new improved version which will run 12+ Clone decoys.  Buy the set Receiver and Transmitter or buy them separately.

Remote Features:

  • 60 yard range, further ranges achieved in optimal conditions
  • Wing beat speed control from 10% to 100%
  • Momentary button - activates wing motion only when depressed.  Allows you to "flag" or simply run for shorter bursts of motion.
  • Allow syncing of any number of decoys to one hand held transmitter


Replacement Receiver and Transmitter Set
Include one Receiver and one transmitter. Will run 12+ Clones!
€47.40 (EUR)
Replacement Transmitter only
€23.70 (EUR)
Replacement Receiver only
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€23.70 (EUR)