Hevi-Choke Waterfowl Combo Pack by Hevi-Shot Environ Metals - AMMO

Waterfowl Combo Pack comes with 2 chokes. Mid-Range and Extended Range. Made for Beretta/Benelli, SBE 1, Nova, Super Nova.
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**SALE**Normally $120, Now $79.95/combo pack!

Hevi-Choke Waterfowl Combo Pack

by Hevi-Shot Environ Metals

In addition to world-class ammunition for your needs, HEVI-Shot also offers the best chokes for your hunt, with gun-specific, game-specific styles available for most gun models. Manufactured from aircraft quality 17-4 stainless steel, they’re guaranteed for a lifetime. With a knurled fore-end, you can leave your choke wrench at home, changing tubes in a field is easy! Available in Mid-Range (out to 40 yards) and Extended-Range (past 40 yards).

Available in 12 gauge, in ported and non-ported versions, HEVI-Choke™ waterfowl combo pack (one mid range and one extended range) helps you squeeze every bit of performance from your HEVI-Shot® ammunition.

WARNING! Extreme range choke tubes are not recommended for steel pellets larger than BB or excessive speed of more than 1550 fps. Use mid-range choke tube for those applications.

P.S.  If you don't see the chokes for you gun, give us a call at 307-333-4810 and we will get it for you.

570122-12 Guage Beretta/Benelli Ported Mid/Ext Combo Pack WF Chokes
Waterfowl Combo Pack made for 12ga Beretta/Benelli, SBE 1, Nova, Super Nova
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$79.95 (USD)
12 ga Invector Plus Non-Ported Mid/Ext Combo Pack - 85716
Choke Tubes for Invector Plus, Win SX2, SX3, Supreme threads
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$74.95 (USD)