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**SALE** Fully Flocked Snow Goose Feather Flyers

**SPRING SALE** Normally $40ea Now $29.95 for a limited time. OR BUY THE 6pk AND SAVE EVEN MORE!
Manufacturer: Feather Flyer Decoys


Fully Flocked Snow Goose Feather Flyers

by Feather Flyer Decoys

NOTE: These flocked feather flyer have yellowed a little and may need to be oversprayed with a flat white spray paint.

These Fully flocked Snow Goose Feather Flyers will not shine.   They are excellent Snow goose decoys... well worth the money. These are the new version with the curved wing tips. This new design moves better than ever.

These Feather Feathers move in the wind and duplicate the whiffling movement of birds coming into land.

Mount them onto a piece of 1/2" EMT electrical conduit (not included) with the rotation plug which comes with the bird.

You might want to pick up several rotation plugs so you can have birds on multiple height poles.

We only have Limited Quantities of these Fully Flocked Snows, so don't wait.

Note: We recommend the a 2"x 1/2" lag screw be installed into the belly of the bird for ballast in heavy wind conditions. This keeps them from spinning!

Picture of Fully Flock Snow - Single
Fully Flock Snow - Single
**SALE** Normally $40ea Now $29.95 for a limited time.
Availability: Out of stock
€23.66 (EUR)
Picture of Flocked Snow - 6 Pack
Flocked Snow - 6 Pack
**SPRING SALE** - NORMALLY $240, NOW $150/6pk
Availability: Out of stock
€118.50 (EUR)
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