**SALE** AXF Flocked Canada Sleeper Shell Decoys by Avian X Decoys Zink Calls Z9023

**SALE** Normally $170/6pk, On Sale now for $149.95
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Very limited supply. Once these sell out they are gone till next summer!

 AXF Flocked Canada Sleeper Shell Goose Decoys

(Model Z9023) - 6 pack

By Avian-X Decoys

Give your goose decoy spread a more life-like appearance with a set of Avian-X Flocked Canada Goose Sleeper Shells. This set of 6 will add just the relaxed and realistic look you need to convince late season honkers that it is safe to respond to your call.

By designing these oversized shells to stack tight they take up minimal room in your trailer, truck or ATV so you can use more of them to replicate a large flock taking a well deserved break from their journey. Avian-X AXF Flocked Canada Goose Sleeper Shells are molded with industry-leading rubberized plastic to ensure that you get years of use and better paint adhesion in even the coldest of climates.

  • Closely mimics the life-like appearance of a flock lying down to rest, feed and stay warm
  • Molded from industry-leading rubberized plastic for durability
  • Tight stacking design lets you use more in the field and less space for storage
  • Non-chip paint adheres to the shell even in the coldest climates
AXF Sleeper Shell 6pk - Z9023
**SALE** Normally $170/6pk, On Sale now for $149.95
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$149.95 (USD)