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Extra Speaker (WHITE) for Snow Pro by Foxpro

Add an additional Speaker for Foxpro Snow Pro!! Comes with a 12' Cord and 1/4" Jack.

External Speaker for FoxPro Snow Pro

Add an additional speaker or two to your Snow Pro.  This smaller white speaker comes with 12 feet of cord and a 1/4" Jack. 

We use 4 speakers on our units and point one each direction.  That way the circling geese never get out of the sound cone.

This speaker has an additional 1/4" port on the back of the unit to daisy chain speakers together.

7" x 7" x 5"

Note: The 1/4" male plug is different than the Super Snow Crow plugs!!!
Picture of Extra Snow Pro Speaker 00663
Extra Snow Pro Speaker 00663
**SALE** Normally $90, Now $74.95
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€59.21 (EUR)
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