Feeding Hen Turkey-Merriam by Greenhead Gear GHG

**SALE** Normally $70, NOW $59.95
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Feeding Hen Turkey-Merriam

by Greenhead Gear GHG

When turkeys feed they are relaxed and content in their surroundings. The GHG Feeding Hen Turkey decoy is welcoming, even downright comforting, to a tom turkey on the prowl. A slight wind moves the decoy with ease mimicking a hen searching for insects.

  • Flexible EVA construction
  • Anatomically correct body posture
  • Color correct ultra-realistic finish
  • Motion stake and carry bag included
These Merriam Feeding Hen Turkey Decoys by Greenhead Gear will help you be successful this season!
Feeding Hen Turkey-Merriam - AV78115
**SALE** Normally $70, NOW $59.95
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$59.95 (USD)