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Neoprene Ankle Garters - Bottomland by Banded Gear

Manufacturer: Banded Gear

Neoprene Ankle Garters

in Bottomland Camo

by Banded Gear

Every fisherman, waterfowler or turkey hunter knows the value of keeping his pants legs tight around his ankles to avoid ticks, mosquitoes and other annoying insects. Stash a pair of Avery's Neoprene Ankle Garters in your vest, and you'll love them so much you won't hunt without them! Great for wearing with knee boots, hip waders, or chest waders.
Available in Bottomland Camo

  • 2.5 mm neoprene
  • Velcro for perfect fit
  • Holds pant legs down & socks up
  • Absolute must for hunters
Picture of Bottomland - B08339
Bottomland - B08339
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ˆ3.37 (EUR)
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