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Econo Snow Goose Silhouette Decoys (SS1005SIL) by Sillosock Decoys

**BRAND NEW ONLY $34.95/dz!!** Or buy the 10dz pack at $29.95/dz!!
Manufacturer: SilloSock Decoys



Economy Snow Goose Silhouettes


By Sillosock Decoys

These NEW Econo Sillosock Silhouettes Decoys are a perfect compliment to windsock decoys!  They are light, compact, and fast to set up.  These Silhouettes look best when placed perpenducular to the wind.   This gives incoming birds a new look to a windsock spread that is facing into the wind. 

These Econo Silhouette Decoys come with 8 feeders and 4 Actives.  They come with a 24" powder coated hook stake with goes into hard/frozen ground better than any other stake on the market.   The unique foot design of these decoys keeps the decoy from spinning.  They are very stable in heavy winds.

These Economy decoys come all white and can be used as is.  If you want to customize them dust them with some flat white spray paint.  Add a little pink paint to the feet and beak.....and a splash of black to the tail feathers.      

Picture of Snow Goose Silhouettes 1dz - SS1005SIL
Snow Goose Silhouettes 1dz - SS1005SIL
Availability: In stock
$34.95 (USD)
Picture of 10dz Econo Silhouettes - SS1005SIL-10
10dz Econo Silhouettes - SS1005SIL-10
Buy the 10dz pack and SAVE $50!!!
Availability: In stock
$299.95 (USD)
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