Canada Goose Flapping Flyer Decoy (SS1289) by Sillosocks Decoys

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By Sillosock Decoys

These Flying decoys represent a new dimension in decoying waterfowl. The wing flapping movement attracts attention that can be seen for miles. The geese can hardly resist coming over and taking a look!


These flyers are field proven and will give your spread the "edge" this fall! Comes with 3' Fiberglass pole and the new nosepiece design with the thumbscrew.

These flyers can be used 5 ways. 

(1)On a 1/4" Fiberglass pole (included).  (3' extensions,    couplers, and extensions sold separately.)

(2) Used to flag Geese on the new Sillosocks 12' Flagging pole with flyer bracket.

(3) On a Sillosocks Son of Stalker machine.

(4) on a Sillosocks rotary machine.

(5) on a Sillosocks Hammer Machine


Here is some footage of them in action!



SS1289 Canada Flap Flyer
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