20ga Fiocchi Hulls 2 3/4"" Pre-primed (100/bag) by Fiocchi Ammunition

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20 Guage Fiocchi Hull  2 3/4"" Pre-primed  (100/bag)

by Fiocchi

Fiocchi 20ga 2-3/4" new/primed 16mm brass, yellow tube (100/bag)

  • Color: Yellow
  • Top Edge: Skived
  • Depth: 2.416"
  • Length: 2.721"
  • Brass: 0.630" (16mm)
  • Primer: Fiocchi-616 (209 primer)
  • Headstamp: (generic) "20 (w/stars)"
  • Wall Thickness: 0.029"
  • Made in Italy

New & primed Fiocchi hulls are a great loading value. Because the hull is the most important part of the actual load; don't compromise your performance with old, weak hulls. That's why we recommend starting with new/primed hulls. New hulls will always give you more loadings and because they are primed you save on your primer costs too. Remember, there is no Hazmat charge on primed hulls when shipped via ground in the continental U.S.

Fiocchi hulls feature strong straight-wall extruded tube and deep plastic disk basewad allows for versatile load designs for clays and field loads. Primed with the Fiocchi's reliable and consistent 616 primer.  These hulls roll crimp beautifully too.

100 Hulls/bag - 0642020
Pre-primed and skived
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ˆ13.57 (EUR)