Stretch 410 Wads By Gualandi

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Stretch 410 Wads

by Gualandi

For the past 50 years, Gualandi Wads are synonymous of high quality plastic wads, available in all gauges. The Wads are made to ensure outstanding performance with cartridges for shotguns, in terms of speed, pressure and spread. 

Stretch .410 is an elongated shotcup with a very slight cushion section above the gas seal. This cushion section softens pressure spikes and allows for higher performance in .410 loads.

The Stretch wad accommodates fine shot and produces high velocity loads with consistently tight patterns.


  • Optimum range: 25-55 yards
  • Long-range .410 shooting


  • Wad dims: 1.550" overall length, .398" diameter, .043" thick
  • Seal to cup bottom: .405"
  • Shotcup depth: 1.210"

250 Wads - 0724104
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