MG410 Wads (250/bag) by BPI

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MG410 Wads

by BPI

The MG410 is a relatively short-length wad, but it is built for a variety of payloads. This makes the MG410 an ideal wad for either light loads in 2-1/2" .410 and heavier loads in 3" .410.

The reloader may find that not all the shot for the load will fit into the shotcup. This is by design. The MG410 has a shorter cup than some .410 wads. The MG410 allows a percentage of the shot load to be held within the cup. A portion of the shot is not protected by the cup in order to create fringe-ring pattern development.

*Optimum range: 20-45 yards
*Heavy 3" loads
*Light 2-1/2" loads


  • Wad dims: 1.070" overall length X .400" diameter
  • Seal to cup bottom: .335"
  • Shotcup depth: 0.730"
  • Wad slits: 2
  • Typical Loads: 3/8 oz to 5/8 oz in 2-1/2" hulls; 5/8 oz to 11/16 oz in 3" hull
250 Wads - 072MG410
Perfect wad for the 2 1/2" 18g/cc TSS 3/8oz Load
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