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**SALE** OverSize Bluebill Duck Decoys (AV73039) by Avery Greenhead Gear GHG

**SALE** Normally $60/6pk, ON SALE now for $49.95/6pk Includes 6 drakes
Manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear


Over-Sized Bluebills Duck Decoys


by Greenhead Gear GHG

Avery Outdoors


These Over-Sized Bluebill Duck Decoys  (AV73039) by Avery Greenhead Gear GHG have lifelike detail and magnum size that gets birds attention from a distance!

Features include:

-60/40 Dura Keel

-Highly Visible

-6 Drakes Included -

These Over-Sized Bluebill Duck Decoys by Greenhead Gear GHG  Avery Outdoors are truly a work of art.

These Oversize BlueBill diver decoys will give your rig great visibility on big water.



  • Drake size: 15 ½” x 7 ½”
Picture of Over size Bluebills - 6 Drakes
Over size Bluebills - 6 Drakes
**SALE** Normally $60/6pk, ON SALE now for $49.95/6pk
Availability: Out of stock
ˆ33.97 (EUR)
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