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**FREE SHIPPING** Economy Snow Goose Decoys by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** Choose 1 dz, the 50 pack,10dz....or the NEW ECONO SENTRY
Manufacturer: SilloSock Decoys


Economy Snow Goose Decoys

by Sillosock Decoys

These Economy Snow Goose Decoys by Sillosock Decoys make snow goose hunting affordable to just about anyone. Same great decoy as the printed version, just all white. (same head, liner bag, stake and support)  Great for adding bulk to your rig.

Some people use them "all white".  Or you can paint the beak and the spray the tail feather with Krylon Ultra flat black spray paint.  The bodies need to be stapled to the heads. We recommend an Arrow P-22 Stapler with a 5/16" leg available at Hardware stores. 

Our 1 Dozen pack is the only one that comes assembled.  The 50pk and 10dz pk needs to have the head stapled to the body.

We have a new stainless steel Tail/Feather stencil the produces a professional look and will last forever.

We recommend storing and transporting these Economy Snow Goose Decoys in Sillosocks "Cube" bag.(holds 200-300)  Or stack them in the new plastic Silloguard (holds 13dz)

If you would rather not paint the eyes and bills, we have "Eye/Bill" vinyl stickers available.

These Economy Snow Goose Decoys by Sillosocks Decoys feature tyvek bodies that do not shine!  They come with a liner bag which helps support them in no wind. They also come with 20" hooked powder coated spring steel ground stakes and neck reinforcement stakes. This makes the heads practically impossible to break or bend. 

The bodies are machine washable!!   

Available in:

1 dozen.....comes assembled

50 pack........needs assembly

10dz. Packs...needs assembly...Comes with FREE Lazer Cut STEEL Stencil!

Econo 2-D Sentry...needs assembly

Picture of SS1470 Econ Snow 10dz.  PLUS FREE STENCIL!!
SS1470 Econ Snow 10dz. PLUS FREE STENCIL!!
**SALE** Normally $350/10dz, NOW $324.95!!

This package includes 120 Econo. Snow Sillosocks.   These have the same head, bag,  hooked stake, and liner bag and stake as the Full color Sillosocks.  They just come all white and you need to staple the body to the head. These are a great value!

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$324.95 (USD)
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