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30" Hooked Stake or Upgrade to 30" Hooked Stake by Sillosock Decoys

Manufacturer: SilloSock Decoys

30" Hooked Stakes for Sillosock Decoys

These 30" Hooked Stakes allow you to raise your decoys up in the air.   This is good to help you hide in the shooting line and to use the decoys in water.

Advantages of Hooked Stakes:

-Decoys cannot blow off Hook Stakes in high winds!

-Hook Stakes are easier to pull out of frozen ground!

-Can now pick up decoys by head

-No more missing stakes!

All Hooked Stakes are Powder Coated

-No more rusty stakes!

-Helps keep your Snows brilliant white!

-No mess Painting and re-painting stakes each year!

Upgrade any of the 20" or 24" decoys to 30" stakes with our upgrade listed below.


 PER. 12