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*Priced to sell fast!* FFD Lesser Canada 6 Pack (AV71802)

Choose Active 6 pack or Harvester 6 pack. Comes with 6-slot bag
Manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear GHG

2012 FFD Lesser 6 Packs on Sale!! Only 2 boxes left!

Avery/Greenhead Gear

"FFD Elite" Series Canada Goose Fullbody LESSERS....

These decoys sold for $220/6-pack in Macks and Cabelas.

How many times have you set up only to have your decoys covered with dew, rain, fog, or frost?   Then, as the sun comes up your plastic decoys are shining like mirrors!     These Full body Flocked decoys prevent shine that you get with painted plastic decoys.

AVERY/GHG FULLY FLOCKED decoys are, perhaps, the finest  production grade canada  decoys ever made. The entire body is electrostatically flocked and then airbrushed. These decoys feature some of the most realistic detail and markings ever seen on Canada goose decoys.

They feature gorgeous paint jobs and realistic movement.

The Fully flocked body prevents "shine flare" and provides excellent "UV" featherlike reflection "in the birds eyes".    

"Realmotion" movement system brings the spread to life with a 1 mph breeze! Also, new this year is a high wind notch in the motion cone. This will stop excessive movement in high winds. They come with motion stands and motion stakes!

These new moving fullbody Canadas are in huge demand and very hard to get a hold of.   We have a limited supply with more coming.

Take a look at the pics. They speak for themselves. These are probably one of the best moving fullbodies ever made!


FFD Lesser Harvester 6 pack with bag (AV71802)
Manufacturer part number: 71802
Availability: 2 in stock
Old price: ˆ149.60 (EUR)
Price: ˆ108.79 (EUR)
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