MALLARD FLOATING DUCK DECOYS 6 pk. (474270) by Final Approach Decoys

**SALE** Normally $65/6pk, On Sale now for $44.95/6pk
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 Floating Mallards (6-pack)

Model # - 474270

By Final Approach Decoys

These MALLARD FLOATING DUCK DECOYS (474270) by Final Approach Decoys are a well made decoy.

These Final Approach decoys have more realism than any other decoy on the market.

  • Carvings created by nationally acclaimed working decoy artist Marty Hanson
  • Exceptional anatomy unequalled in the industry
  • Exceptional custom paint scheme
  • One piece bird, including head and keel
  • Six unique postures: active drake-left looking, active drake-right looking, snuggle head drake, snuggle head hen, squawker hen, stretched neck swimmer hen
  • 6 pack floating mallards and black ducks include one each of above positions

These MALLARD FLOATING DUCK DECOYS 6 pk by Final Approach Decoys will hell you kill more ducks.


FA Mallard 6pk - FA474270
**SALE** Normally $65/6pk, On Sale now for $44.95/6pk
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