Bigfoot Canada Goose or SpeckleBelly Decoys for Yard Ornaments, Garden Decor Decoys, or Pond Art

Single Canada Goose or Specklebelly Goose by Bigfoot Decoys. Choose Sentry, Resting, or Feeder.
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One Bigfoot Canada Goose Decoy or Specklebelly Goose Decoy for Yard Ornaments, Garden Decor, or Pond Art.

These decoys are new in the box and make great yard ornaments for your garden.

These singles can be very hard to find.   Choose Sentry Head, Resting head or Feeder head........or the tall "Bull Sentry".

Special note:   Take advantage of this pricing because the price is going up in our next shipments due to the cost of fuel/oil/plastic.

These are the new models. New for this year is Flocked Heads and a better paint job. Bigfoot is now airbrushing and backbrushing the feather detail. The end product is a beautiful but extremely durable decoy.

I have always held Bigfoot as the "gold standard" in the decoy industry.   For years, Bigfoot has had a reputation as "the toughtest decoy on the market".

They feature molded in color on both the head(black) and the body(tan). Combine this with the toughest paint job out there, and you have a real workhorse of a decoy.

Day in and day out, they can take the abuse of intensive hunting an still look great at the end of the season.

When you add in this years improvements to the product and a great price, you simply cannot go wrong with these decoys.

These are very tough decoys and will last for years.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Jim Jones

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Bigfoot Resting Head Canada Goose

One Resting Canada Goose Decoy

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$44.99 (USD)
Bigfoot Bull Sentry Canada Goose Decoy

This Bull Sentry is a little bigger that the Upright Sentry out of the Standard pack.

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$49.99 (USD)