Finisher Blind Bag by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

Choose KW1 Camo or Max 5 Camo
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Finisher Finisher Blind Bag - DU Edition


by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

Comes in Killer Weed 1 Camo (KW1) or Max 5
This Finisher Blind Bag (AV00649) by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG is designed for layout blind hunting! Packed with the features a layout-blind hunter will appreciate. First, its built with a rugged 900-denier DuraMax body and 1,200-denier DuraMax bottom. Then, they enhanced it with an ABT padded shoulder strap for easy carry in the field and a multitude of pockets, including side pockets with easy-grip pulls, mesh side pockets for wet gloves and a bellows-style front pocket with three elastic choke tube sleeves.


  • 900D DuraMax body
  • Tough 1200D DuraMax bottom
  • Side pockets with Easy-Grip pulls
  • Shoulder strap & ABT shoulder pad
  • Zippered water-tight dry bag
  • Zippered valuables pocket
  • Bellows-style front pocket
  • 3 elastic choke tube sleeves
  • Mesh side pocket for wet gloves
  • Snap-hook key chain holder
  • Padded carry handle
  • Dimensions: 11"L x 8"W x 7"H

 This Finisher Blind Bag by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG is an awesome bag.

Choose KW1 or Max 5 Camo

AV00642 Blades Camo
Mossy Oak Blades Camo
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$39.95 (USD)
AV00641 Max 5 Camo
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$39.95 (USD)
AV00649 KW1 Camo
NOTE: KW1 Camo has been discontinued by Avery. These are the last ones!
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$39.95 (USD)