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Son of Stalker


by Sillosocks Decoys

The Son of Stalker (SS1430) by Sillosock decoys will add a new type of movement to your spread.    This movement simulates flying feeding geese that are jockeying for position just before they land.    It moves the flyer horizontally.

This 12 volt device, is designed to be used with Sillosock flapping Flyers.

It makes the decoy move side to side offering excellent movement to any spread.  Distance moved varies with the length of pole used.   A 3' pole will move the flyer 3-4' side to side.  A 6' pole will move the flyer 6-7' side to side.(Poles not included)

This movement simulates Geese that are jumping over the top of each other as they feed. The Son Of Stalker works great with or without wind. Deadly on any waterfowl including field ducks.

Each Son of Stalker by Sillosocks Decoys package comes with manual Rheostat speed control so you can set the speed.   Each unit comes with 20 feet of cord. It will run off of any 12 volt battery.

More than one can be run on a small automotive battery. Multiples can be set forty feet apart with a battery source located in the center. (note: Flyer and battery not included.)

Simply, install your flyer onto a 1/4" rod  that was included with your Flyer and insert the 1/4" Rod into the stalker.  Tighten thumbscrew. Optionally, the flyer can also be mounted on a Sillosocks Flag bracket.

When assembled........Get down and cover up quickly!

The video below shows the "Son of Stalker" which moves horizontally side to side.