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**SALE** Painted Snow Goose Feather Flyer Decoy

**SALE** Normally $200/6pk, On Sale now for $179.99/6pk!!
Manufacturer: Feather Flyer Decoys


Painted Snow Goose Feather Fyer

by Feather Flyer Decoys

Includes rotation plug

These New Painted SNOW Goose FEATHER FLYER Decoys have painted bills and wingtips, plastic eye inserts and cupped wings for better whiffling action! (new pictures will be added soon)

The New Snow Goose Feather Flyer Decoy is a breakthrough product which realistically duplicates the distinctive whiffling action of waterfowl.  They not only passed the “test of time,” but worked flawlessly in zero to hurricane force winds through all four seasons and more! Even with no wind, Feather Flyers weathervanes are perfectly balanced; they always upright themselves and look natural. The new model has curved wings for better whiffling action!

Note: We recommend the a 2"x 1/2" lag screw be installed into the belly of the bird for ballast in heavy wind conditions.


  • Snow Goose Feather Flyers Decoys .....Flippers ™ can be used as decoys, weathervanes and garden art.
  • A unique, yet simple design for unmatched performance.
  • Flippers automatically adjust to changing wind direction.
  • From zero to hurricane force winds, Flippers perform naturally.
  • Durable and built to last, yet weigh only a few ounces.
  • Proven whiffling motion attracts waterfowl.
  • For use with 1/2 EMT conduit and rotary machines.
  • Designed with accurate paint schemes.
  • The most realistic flying decoy on the market.
  • In heavy winds Flippers out perform all other decoys!!
  • Flippers are the only decoys that will work with rotary/vortex machines in heavy winds.
  • Even with no wind, Flippers are always flying level and natural.

The NEW Snow Goose Feather Flyer Decoys is one of the best new products of the year. They are quiet and rugged.  Designed to be used on 1/2" EMT conduit, a Power Flipper, or a "Vortex/Rotary machine" or a 1/4" steel or fiberglass rod.(not included)...

Patent Pending.

NOTE: Platform Motors and 6 slot Feather Flyer Bags SOLD Separately

Picture of (Single Painted Snow Feather Flyer)
(Single Painted Snow Feather Flyer)
**FALL SALE** Normally $50ea, On Sale now for $39.99ea!
Availability: 8 in stock
ˆ27.19 (EUR)
Picture of 6 Pack of Feather Flyers
6 Pack of Feather Flyers
**SALE** Normally $239.99/6pk, Now $199.95/6pk
Availability: Out of stock
ˆ135.97 (EUR)
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