**SALE** Econo Feather Flyer Snow Goose (all white) by Feather Flyer Decoys

**SPRING SALE** Normally $25, Now $19.95ea or Buy the 6 pack and save even more.
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Econo Feather Flyer SNOW GOOSE

(all white)

                 by Feather Flyer Decoys 

**NEW MODEL comes with cupped wings for better whiffling action!**   

This Economy Series Feather Flyer makes it very affordable for just about everyone to make your own Feather Flyers.   Paint or Flock them yourself and save money!

The Feather Flyers™ wind vane is a breakthrough product which realistically duplicates the distinctive whiffling action of waterfowl.  They not only passed the “test of time” but also work flawlessly in zero to hurricane force winds through all four seasons and more! Other motion decoys will not perform in high winds.  Even with no wind Feather Flyers™ wind vanes are perfectly balanced...... they always upright themselves and look natural. 

These Econo Feather Flyer Snows can be made into snow geese or just about any species of goose or duck.   They come "all white".

Includes 1 bird, & 1 rotation plug. Rotation plugs insert into 1/2 inch EMT conduit. EMT conduit NOT included or use them on a Rotary Machine or Pacific Wings Flyright Machine.

Very Important: Wipe the bird down with acetone or mineral spirits before painting to remove mold release residue.

For best results, prime with Rustoleum Specialty Plastic Primer available at Home Depot, Kelly Moore Paints, etc. 

Note: We recommend the a 2"x 1/2" lag screw be installed into the belly of the bird for ballast in heavy wind conditions.

Choose a Single Flyer or a 6-Pack and Save!

Single bird
**SPRING SALE** Normally $25ea. ON SALE NOW FOR $19.95!!!
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$19.95 (USD)
FF Econo Goose Unpainted 6 Pack
**SALE** NEW MODEL Normally $150/6pk,On Sale now for $99.95/6pk! SAVE $50
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$99.95 (USD)