**SALE** OVERSIZE Headless Windsock SNOW or Blue Goose Decoys by Sillosocks Decoys

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OVERSIZE Headless SNOW or BLUE GOOSE Windsocks

by SilloSocks Decoys

These Oversize (23" long and 15" wide)Headless Windsock Snow Goose Decoys by Sillosocks Decoys are a great way to add numbers to your spread.  They are excellent on the shooting line to hide hunters!  They are lightweight and easy to handle!

Better than other windsocks as they are grommetted top and bottom.   The necks have a support ring sewn into them much like the old Northwind Decoys.   The grommetts are installed into this support ring.   This makes them extremely durable!

These decoys feature a lightweight backbone.  This backbone keeps the decoy up off the ground for durability.........and makes for a more realistic decoy in no wind situations.

These decoys only weigh 3 pounds per dozen.

These decoys look good in no wind and they pivot beautifully with the slightest breeze.

These OVERSIZE HEADLESS WINDSOCK SNOW GOOSE DECOYS BY SILLOSOCKs DECOYS come with  24" stakes for use in TALLER fields.  The Looped stakes makes pickup easy!    The stakes are powder coated and will resist rust! 

Same beautifully screen printed feather detail as standard Sillosocks.

Perfect for the mobile snow goose hunter.

COMPARE THESE NEW OVERSIZE HEADLESS WINDSOCK SNOW GOOSE DECOYS BY SILLOSOCKS DECOYS to the competition and you will see that they are a better mousetrap at a better price.

Available in Snows or Blues.

SS1012OG Snows 12 pk
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SS1012OG Snows 100 pk
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SS1036OG Oversize Blue 12 pk
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€43.41 (EUR)
SS1036OG OS Blue 100pk
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