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Avery Fleece Caller's Hunting Glove

Fleece Caller Gloves
Manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear

Avery Fleece Caller's Hunting Gloves was a Pro-Staffer's idea that we laughed at...until we tried 'em! Any good caller will tell you that wearing gloves on your calling hands inhibits the sound that you are trying to achieve, and these gloves were designed to fix that problem. Avery's Fleece Caller's Gloves were field tested by some of the world's best duck and goose callers during the '03-'04 season, and they were given a unanimous thumbs up! 

Constructed from soft 13 oz. fleece, these fingerless gloves cover your wrist and back of hand completely while leaving the palm free to act as a tone chamber. Great for bow hunting, gunning and any other activity where you want more "feel" while covering your wrists and hand backs. Available in KW1.  One Size fits Most.

Picture of AV54949 Fleece Caller Gloves KW1
AV54949 Fleece Caller Gloves KW1
**Discontinued!! Get them before they are gone!!
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$9.95 (USD)
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