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Eastern Duck Silhouettes 1 dz. by Big Al's Decoys

Includes 8 Mallards, 2 Black Ducks, and 2 Pintail Drakes


Eastern Duck Silhouette Decoys

By Big Al's Decoys (1 dozen Pack)

These Eastern Duck Silhouette Decoys by Big Al's Decoys are about 17.5" long.  They are printed on extra thick fluted plastic material with outdoor grade inks and ultra matte overprint for many years of usage.


They utilize a unique "H" style stake system.  These decoys are lightweight(5 pounds per dz) and durable.  They do not shine!  They look great mixed in with Fullbodies, shells, or Sillosocks Decoys.

Each kit contains one dozen (12) Decoys: 8-Mallards, 2-Black Ducks, 2-Pintail Drakes, 12-"H" Stakes

These Duck Silhouette Decoys by Big Al's Decoys are offered at a great price compared to any other decoys.

Picture of 1dz Eastern Duck Combo
1dz Eastern Duck Combo
***SALE*** Normally $80/dz, On sale now for $65.95
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£40.23 (GBP)